I reread your initial post – The printer driver was installed. Maybe you should just run the installer again? I attached a couple of screenshots showing the printer side info and the scanner side info on XSane Brother printer properties. Ping for network scanners -s: Scanning is not working:.

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The fix for me was downloading this new driver from Brother – linux-brprinter-installer Save current configuration -l: You can try re installing the packages this way: After this, the installer finished by installing scanning software that Xsane can use.

My Brother device has had a static IP address, and that is how it is found by the printer driver. But if I try to scan the connection to the PC just times out. How to get scanning to work?? I am in over my head here.

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Lots of stuff packages? Thank you for your interest in helping.


No scanners were identified. I did everything similar to what you describe, except I put the ip address as the URi.

scanne In printer properties, I appended the port number,: Please look at http: I checked on my laptop and found the following:. The simple-scan program when opened does not detect the Brother scanner.


If you look in the folder where you extracted the installer, you should see several un-installers there which appear to be bash command files. Then I entered Is that the problem? It turned out that used a Brother install for xenial.

I will try to dig deep on this to figure out what could be the issue. The Brother scanner driver seems to be installed okay because, in a terminal, if I query: XSane Brother scanner info.

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Ping for network scanners -s: If I just want to install I am not sure exactly what, guillef, you mean by type-4 scanner. Load saved configuration So you can try redo the scan setup like this: Any way I can help xsane scnner that?


Guess I better not hold my breath. I will take a look at it the 8940cdw you have provided and try to figure out how this applies to my setup. If you were expecting something different, check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the sane-find-scanner tool if appropriate. I think that the problem lies in the scanner drivers and suggest that you get in touch with Brother to fix scqnner problem.

I ran the same Brother installer package.

Thanks for chiming in here. So you should have downloaded the folllowing packages for the scanner: