It does look a little odd, but it’s easy to rest your fingers in there. Compare it to the God of Touchscreens, who currently provides the one on the iPhone and it can’t come close, which means it’s probably not as good as the iPad’s either. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s We were slightly less taken with the panel that sits above the keyboard, which features a slightly hypnotic silver swirl on it. On the software front, the PT comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and only a smattering of trialware and other included applications.

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ACER Aspire 1820PT Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, WWAN Drivers for Windows 7

It makes it feel quite squishy and cheap. Design Right now, the main attention paid to tablets is in the iPad space, and its many clones.

The Good Exceptional battery life.

A couple of months ago Dave looked at the Albatron OTMwhich despite sounding like a Hollywood sex robot, was a touchscreen monitor. It seems Acer acrr going for that business market of people who wear nice shoes and have Blackberries and like nothing more than a great big Excel spreadsheet.

It’s known as TouchPortal, and it lets you drag content, such as photos and videos onto a panel in the middle of the screen, then view or play them. Acer Aspire PT review: The included HDMI port means that displaying content on your whopping tellybox is nice and easy. Acer has also included a few games, and Microsoft’s own collection of touchscreen-specific applications, such as Blackboard, which lets you create weird physics-based machines. We commented in the review of bludtooth similar Acer Aspire PZG that TouchPortal looks pretty but doesn’t save a whole lot of functional time for the same features as simply using in-built Windows applications.

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That unit conked out one minute short of two hours, but the PT was just getting warmed up. Most of the more advanced touchscreens we’ve seen recently, such as those by Sony and Albratron, have used some kind of optical recognition to identify your greasy acwr as they expand porn. It’s great being able to literally hold the world in your hands and spin it round, but the novelty soon wears off. This Aspire’s touchscreen is responsive, though: Right now, the main attention paid to tablets is in the iPad space, and its many clones.

Like Apple’s much-vaunted iPadonly with a physical keyboard. We’ve changed, we promise. Millions of tiny pixels are nice, but when this, in turn, reduces the size of the icons — and the touch areas — it makes it a tad more difficult to use. The Bottom Line Acer’s PT brings portability and excellent battery life firmly into the convertible tablet space. It’s nice to see a netbook that’s actually pushing the boat out a bit; even if the boat is being pushed by an index finger across a rather insensitive touchscreen.

Acer’s Aspire PT, then, could be the Windows 7 device to change all that. HP Spectre x inch, late It seems strange, then, that Xspire has opted for a rubbish integrated graphics chip: As the price of regular notebooks drop, it’s not surprising to see tablets dip as well.

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. If you know anything about touchscreen mobiles, you’ll know that this is a bad thing. As an added upside, if you ever dropped a truly tiny cup of cappuccino on the trackpad, it’s got a spot to pool safely.


The mobile world might finally get exciting aspiee in We set the PT up with our standard battery draining test, disabling all battery-saving measures, setting screen brightness to full and running a constantly looping video file at the same time that we tested the Acer Aspire PZG. Straight up slate-style tablets are the flavour of the month, but that hasn’t stopped vendors from producing convertible tablets with full keyboards.

So we were surprised to find that it includes one of Intel’s new- fangled, ultra-low-voltage Core 2 Duo processors.

ACER Aspire PT Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, WWAN Drivers for Windows 7 | Wireless Drivers

Of course, this is an intentional battery draining test, so if you’re merely using it for office work or web surfing you can expect a lot more from it. Part of the problem is that slight give when using the screen, so you can’t tap it as you would an iPhone.

HD video playback is impressively sharp on the screen and it felt like a spritely little machine. This is great if you want to wall-mount them in your fantasy kitchen that doesn’t exist, but not so great when you find yourself leaning across your desk, at a weird angle, to use an interface that’s probably never going to be as intuitive and responsive as a good ol’ keyboard and mouse.

It’s eye candy, and somewhat slow eye candy at that.