We begin with the buffered memory benchmark which is the standard test in Sandra It is stuck between capacitors, the northbridge cooler and the socket. Since all cards are based on the same chipset we are expecting very similar results among the boards, and the actuall differences will probably mostly be because of the differences in clock frequency. The PE chipset from Intel was introduced last year and was important for the P4. The review was supposed to get online earlier but due to restructuring of the testlab it was delayed quite much. This Albatron board is actually the only board with active northbridge cooling, which will be needed to reach MHz bus-speeds. Generally the layout is approved but a few huge mistakes have been made, Albatron themselves says that this board aims for the enthusiasts who cares a lot about the layout , so why have they not worked more with the layout and design?

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The review will be updated as soon as we get a new testboard, after that the overclocking grade for BH7 alooth be pushed up a little. Not bad at all. We have contacted Abit about this and we will update the review as soon as we get a new board. Completely without the slightest hint of integrated features Abit BH7 does not stand however. That is definitely enough and also leaves the opportunity for overclocking forthcoming MHz FSB processor, which this board is said to support.

Despite the fact that the target group might not be enthusiasts, we think the BIOS of the board has too few settings to motivate a higher grade. The cooperation with Rambus has been going on for a while but economically it was a miscalculation by Intel.

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When we look at the back-panel we find the standard outlets, the LAN-outlet is a little bit higher than we are used too but honestly this does not make any difference at all.

Alioth PE is without doubt the best equipped card in the test.

The Albatron board makes a turnover and takes the first place by a minimal margin. Albatron managed to reach far beyond the promised MHz FSB and we hope that Albatron keeps the overclocking spirit up on their forthcoming boards.

Jetway Alioth PE

The price on the Shuttle board is ok, but should maybe be a few dollars lower. The latest version is 7. The card should work very well with most of us except maybe the more aioth overclockers, making Jetway Alioth PE a pretty decent all-around card. Just like the Albatron board aliotn are not too many but Shuttle at least includes audio and that with a lower price. Here the theoretical overclocking potential of the motherboard is valued through practical tests.

The ATX-contact is on the other hand very well placed, just at the border of the mainboard. Our first game test in this review is as usual the classic Quake 3.

In general the layout of the Alioth PE is very good. The socket is placed a little lower than on the two previous boards; at the top we find a number of capacitors. Exactly like the Max2 the northbridge is cooled down by a passive aluminium heatsink which does a great job, if you overclock we recommend a extra fan.

Surprisingly enough Shuttle differs from the rest and takes the lead. The PE chipset from Intel aliith introduced last year and was important for the P4. The contact between the heat sink and the northbridge is very good and overheating is nothing to worry about as this board scarcely is designed for the oe.


The alith below illustrates the most important settings for you who do not have the energy to read the text.

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The memory voltage can also be increased rather much, here we can increase the voltage akioth 2. Abit BH7 wins this roundup closely followed by Jetway Alioth Pe, which we definitely recommends to those not too eager about overclocking.

On the picture below to the right you see the white Floppy connections and also the extra IDE channel, controlled by the Promise circuit.

We look at the layout of the BIOS and the settings at hand, both for ordinary use and overclocking. The availability however is alioyh much worse than for the BH7. The chipset cooler differs a lot from the other boards in this roundup.

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And what is one of the basic demands for good overclocking potential? We begin with the buffered memory benchmark which is the standard test in Sandra Sure, it has USB2. Even the memory timings are of course adjustable and once again is the most aggressive setting.

Alioth PE falls back and places itself behind the steady second place champion BH7. We look at the amount and usability of included accessories and integrated features.