For Your Safety Before operating the monitor, please read this manual thoroughly. For example, a radio receiver contains a bandpass filter to select the frequency of the desired radio signal out of all the radio waves picked up by its antenna. Check out the AOC products recognized internationally by the most respected design awards in the world: Before operating the monitor, please read this manual thoroughly. Direct marketing begins under AOC brand name. A nice contrast with the bright color metal base is a coating-free high-gloss surface. The passband of a receiver is the range of frequencies it can receive.

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Driver Aoc FW FWK (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Sleek design curve, thin plating neck, and its integration of the tilt-hinge to the base create a simple but elegant style for the AOC Razor. Your computer has been set to unsuitable display mode ,set the computer to display mode given in the following table. Adjust the verticalposition of the OSD. IF and Red Dot. Once disassembled the monitor and zoc fits effortlessly into an optional travel case for protection.

AOC 193FW Manuals

Square TV does not require the additional cost of the thin panel technology for the consumers. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

It has similarities with dynamic range. Its minimal thickness is accomplished by 193f innovative panel design and the successful separation of the monitor and its underlying electronic circuit boards.


The transformation amongst these three functions is done by a simple sliding action and designed to accommodate various home living environments. In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target.


Select the language you like. Adjust the OSD timeout. Check out the AOC products recognized internationally by 193ffw most respected design awards in the world: Modern glossy polarising films are typically treated using an anti-reflective AR chemical coating such as magnesium fluoride or special polymers which act in part to aid absorption of some of the ambient light.

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The simple yet bold design of the X-Series curved TV creates a perfect viewing angle and expanded visual experience for users to immerse themselves in 193rw high-quality picture and sound feast. Make sure that the power cord is the correct type required in your area.

As is known, LCD display with limited viewing angle. At certain angles the contrast reaches a maximum, and the image is easy to read, with 193ffw contrast sharply decreases and screen reading very difficult. The contrast ratio is a property of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color white to that of the darkest color black that the system is capable of producing.

Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light. With one swift motion, 19fw sliding stand on the AOC 1193fw provides three different functional uses based on its arced shape. Radio frequency sweep or “Frequency sweep” or “RF sweep” refer to scanning a radio frequency band for detecting signals being transmitted there.


AOC FW monitor specifications

The back of Angelo, supported by an aluminum pole, spreads like a wing. Position Image Position V. Manufactured in the same hinge component, it can slide to the left and to the right, and tilt forward and backward.

Its exterior design utilizes metal with a hairline finish. The earphone hook rotates for concealment. If the monitor falls, it can injure a person and cause serious damage to the appliance. At the front, the well-defined asymmetrical metal stand accentuates the 3-sides-frameless design. Press to navigate through the functions. At the same time, one will see the ice crystals light up, followed by the touch keys.

Once the desired function is highlighted, press the MENU-button to activate it. Brightness refers to an absolute term and should not be confused with Lightness. Before operating the monitor, please read this manual thoroughly.