Become a fan of PCMag. Archos beats Ipod in many important ways. Over the couple of weeks we have had this, the amount of life we’ve been able to get out of the battery has varied with video. If you want more than music from your portable player, give it a look. Even though the speaker may not be the best quality, there is also functionality to be able to connect the device up to an existing external Hi-Fi system and listen outward that way.

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We watched an entire movie on a cross-country flight and still had plenty of battery left to listen to music the rest of the way. Between me and my mates, we have 7 of these. Another area that this player raises the bar is audio quality.

Archos Gmini series – Wikipedia

I’ve called them every business day from March – June, and you can only speak to a “phone rep”, but not the “warehouse” where they ac tually do the repairs. You’re not going to want to waste your time watching Return of the King on this thing, but it’s just fine for short stuff where often times the dialogue is just as important as what’s being pictured.

On a inch LCD TV, the images were bright and crisp, but darkly lit scenes and shadows showed artifacts from the highly compressed images. The Gmini makes the ultimate “brag book,” capable of showing stills and movies, in addition to storing thousands of digitized songs.


Yep, I’m in love, but with good reason. The devices are 3 GB or 4 GB. Want to make someone jealous? You can display one picture or four or nine thumbnails for easy navigation.

Gear Eye: The Archos Gmini 400

There is a bmini in the top of the device that accepts CompactFlash cards. But look if I buy a plain 20Gb or more Hard disk to keep my files in hmini I can,t see the files when I’m off the computer. The Gmini is the next model up from the Gmini I had one repaired by the France office, and it was returned to me less than 3 weeks later in Australia.

Plug a quality pair of ear phones into this player, and you will hear just how good audio playback can be. Views Read Edit View history.

The navigation is more familiar to me than the iPod, more like the desktop organization we’re all used to. Mgini model also supports gapless playback.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 is a beautiful, pricey all-in-one desktop for artists, Sending it to the US office is the equivilent xrchos tossing it in the bin.

There is also a browser feature within the unit to enable users to copy, move, and rename files, and has a battery life of 10 hours. So yeah, you’re going to watch movies on the thing, we 4000.

The sound quality is very good, though not quite up to the Samsung YP standard.

Archos Gmini Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

But it is good for keeping wrchos my mp3 and pictures. Retrieved from ” https: The Gmini is fully USB gmlni. The Gmini is a series of portable audio and video players released by Archos in and But for what it’s worth, I’m actually going to ask Archos if I can buy this from them in a couple of weeks when the loan is up and I have to send this bad boy back.

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We’ve seen other personal media players, most notably the Creative Labs and iRiver and Portable Media Center devices built on the Microsoft platform, but none with the Gmini’s combination of ease of use, battery life, and small size 5.

Just hook it up over USB 2. This model also uses the ARCLibrary to organize music and media on the device.

Archos Gmini 400 Silver/Black ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

Also using the USB connection, it can be used to store any type of data you would like, just like gminu other removable hard drive. In fact, the buttons are almost counterintuitive at times, and you can find yourself bouncing out of a menu when didn’t mean to, or accidentally exiting out of a video you were watching.

When viewing photographs, you can zoom in on an image and pan around.

It was not possible to transfer files from the Gmini to the CompactFlash card, presumably to discourage sharing of media files amongst Gmini users.