It is a gtx. I plan on starting with 2 3TB’s and a 2tb drive for the initial setup. Do I even need to get the MV8 right away? Dash , May 14, I wonder if you could get away with a all-new small build

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With plans for 2x 3TB and 1x 2TB disks Share this post Link to post.

How do I change to ahci mode on a asus p5n-d motherboard?

Top Gear Fan Club. Add a power supply and I’m all set. Mom desires to prepare a fruit salad for her 2 children, Sally and Ted. I know I need a single rail psu but was just going to try to find one thats a decent price.

CPU Intel p5nd- X 4. Would run great for a boot or two boot to Windows from 63 to 24 secondsthen next boot could not find windows. You can always use what you have for your backup unRAID system. In order to stream FullHD content without transcoding even an Atom is enough.

BB code is On. Maybe I can pick a cpu up and a computer store near me or if anyone can maybe suggest one at aci that will do the job for me. It was not so long ago that I remember recommending an SSD for a net book because, even though top speeds could never be realized, the largest observable difference comes from the access times. I was thinking along similar lines – I know that unRAID is often promoted as ‘being able wsus run on old hardware’ but, in this case, the network interface is no go, the disk controller is no go, there’s not even built in video I would appreciate any input on this.


Over time, the caching software replaces existing data with “hotter” data, such as data read more frequently or more recently accessed than what’s being replaced on the cache SSD.

Furthermore, Crucial suggests that their garbage collection is, well, not garbage! The board that Ford Prefect suggested is great.

Does p5n-d has ahci support ? – – An Overclocking Community

Mouse Logitech G G keyboard. This forum has some really helpful people! Thanks for the help! Frozen colours 13 items.

Last edited by a moderator: For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. But it can go under a different name though. Yeah I’m kinda thinking the same thing. So you have two options, where both actually come at the same price as it looks, see http: Would that not draw a lot of unnecessary power?

I think the biggest hype we need to sometimes look beyond deals with our testing and the high benchmark results we see. It is a gtx. Your name or email address: What cables do I need? Anyway, it’s foolish to not have one attached to your system. DashMay 14, That was my logic behind going with a cheap PCI video p55n-d. I’ll be coming here if I have any issues!