Atheros M Ethernet Network Driver author: It was written by Attansic. At that point, a reboot is necessary but the machine freezes at shutdown and has be turned off hard. There is a bug in the driver that causes memory corruption during the shutdown of the interface if and only if you have 4GB or more RAM in your system and your system utilizes all that memory. If you encounter this problem, modify your kernel’s boot line and add this kernel parameter: Bug attachments repacked latest driver source edit AlsaDevices.

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After multiple review cycles, it was was accepted for inclusion in the mainline kernel and released as part of kernel version 2. Brad Figg brad-figg wrote on The symptom is very sluggish network performance, accompanied by a log entry that looks like this:.

Linux Kernel: drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atlx/atl1.h Source File

Still having issues with latest mainline kernel: MGGermany max-gutberlet wrote on When the L1 hardware receives a fragmented packet, it sets an error flag in one of its registers, and the pinux, upon seeing the error bit, spews the “hw csum wrong” message. I have the same problem in Lucid Lynx.

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The Attansic L1 is included as the onboard network device for the following Asus mainboards. If this happens, modify your kernel’s boot line and add this kernel parameter: Don’t use a vendor version older than 1.

See this press release for details. Hein Gustavsen hein-gustavsen wrote on Duplicates of this bug Bug This has been fixed in the 2. Rolf Leggewie r0lf wrote on Installing the latest Atheros driver 1.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atlx/atl1.c (v) – Bootlin

See full activity log. Some Via chipsets don’t play well with message signalled interrupts MSIand will generate a flood of APIC errors in dmesg or system logs when the atl1 driver starts sending and receiving packets.

Bug attachments repacked latest driver source edit AlsaDevices. It’s fixed in 1.

CONFIG_ATL1: Atheros/Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet support

I found another bug here which could be similar. The driver should build and install itself. The Attansic vendor version of drivers prior to 1.

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Compiling the latest Atherosi driver v1. Connecting it to an AVM Fritz!

If you run a kernel older than 2. It is now part of each new kernel released from kernel.

atl1: Attansic L1 ethernet driver

Atheros M Ethernet Network Driver author: You can avoid this condition and significantly improve network performance by adjusting the MTU size downward on your atl1 box. ISO CD images are available from http: This bug affects 8 people.

A fix was added to the 2. To Be Filled By O. This change has been made by an automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team. TSO is broken, and that results in horrible transmit performance.