In addition, the active load allows us to anticipate the power-supply noise that would normally appear at the output and counter the noise before it can appear. A Hybrid Source-Follower Amplifier The fundamental idea behind this amplifier is related to the previous design effort, so I might as well cover it, although my fingers are about to give out. He published an article of a basic preamplifier called the classic one. I think I used one of those russian teflons, but memory is faded.. Actually, this new design is so new that I am not altogether sure that it will work. Though some feel that can create a ground loop, we have not found it to be a problem as long as everything is powered from the same outlet.

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It also gives a large improvement in bass impact and solidity. Zee Tv Serial Timings.

Aikido Cathode Follower & More Triadtron

We now have a negative feedback loop. Furthermore, the cathode follower is not straddled with the Miller-effect capacitance that the grounded-cathode amplifier is burdened by. The grid resistor has been replaced by two resistors in series and a 20k resistor has been added.

Just more satisfaction in the bag, there. The ACF’s high input impedance will greatly unload the Duet’s output circuitry, thereby improving the sound.

The filament is also the cathode, and the output is equally sensitive to noise voltage on the grid or cathode, so the power source must be catohde quiet. Since finding audio-grade chokes is difficult, I would probably forgo its use and use the following arrangement instead. He also doesn’t say much about the effect of the FET drain working into the highish load Z of the tube’s cathode.


Amp Chokes, Cathode Followers, and other Maplifier Questions

To purchaseplease visit our Yahoo Store. He published an article of a basic preamplifier called the classic one.

This is the source of the idea behind the driver stage http: The May issue of the great international electronic magazine, Elektor Electronics, held an interesting amplifier output stage design, which is shown above.

Sun Jul 03, The obvious advantage of direct coupling is that it eliminates a capacitor from the signal path. The circuit below has placed what would be the bottom triode, the slave triode, atop the normally top triode, the driven triode.

Neither a pentode nor a Cathode Follower Be

Therefore, the voltage divider resistors must conform to the following ratios:. I’m sure you could charge double and still have happy customers. These facts have always been known, and we have been searching for suitable answers for a long time. First, there is no capacitor, only an inductance between the Schottky rectifiers and the filament. We have been incorporating more and more strategies to minimize these artifacts, guided by our experience.

By getting these large capacitors out of the loop, their distortions are removed without the bulk and expense of large film capacitors. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.


I like single end for good followfr and cathode follower for performance on.

Perhaps, I am going too fast here, so I will back up a bit. I’m sure you could charge double and still have happy customers. This is the title of your second post. Thus, triode T3 should be either a high-mu triode, such as the 12AX7, or a pentode. Well the px25 is just a convenient valve that suits many occasions, I’m always playing with it. The bottom output tube gets cqthode input signal after the Aikido cathode follower, so its grid sees little of power-supply noise.

Let’s go home and beat our children. Mon Jun 20, Since the output tube’s cathode will swing huge voltages, it is safer to use three resistors in series; in addition, it reduces the amount of voltage-induced distortion that the resistors can give rise to.

Why do they have a cathode follower in the first place, while other amps or preamp positions in the same amp do not?

PM me with an email that accepts modest-sized attachments and I can send you some schematics simplified onesit’s not like I’ve built these latest topologies!