The configuration example that follow include an extensive list of headers that can be safely ignored. That is to treat it as a Content-Filter. In that scenario, there is no need for a dspam-hash package. Each token is initialized with a statistical neutral value, or 0. If you have selected during configure just one storage driver then you don’t need to specify in dspam.

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RPM resource dspam-hash

To change this behavior, we modify hasu following parameters in dspam. The number of tokens considered is increased from 15 to 27, and if a token is relevant several times, then it will be taken into account several times. This is certainly not the best solution when you have 15, users. New user specific tokens are always written back to the user dictionary. There, we find traces of our message:.

Each user should be listed as a member of the group for querying dictionaries of other nash. You will see that it now requires the “mysql” binary and it will NOT bark about missing cssclean. This file should contain one line per user, the username is the user’s complete email address.

Last Drivers  100-U2-UV16-A1 XP DRIVER

I’ve spoken with fedora-devel people, and we ddspam that the best case is to have a default dspam. This algorithm has been first incorporated into the spam software SpamProbe. But this should not prevent you from experimenting with SBPH. Analyze the message and selects the 15 most relevant tokens. Our Users ‘jean-kevin debian. In our case, we want to achieve rotation for everyone when logs exceed 60 days.

Effectively fighting spam with DSPAM

This is Not a Spam might be a troll, but a spam Thank you for reporting this bug and we are sorry it could not be hassh. As mentioned previously, it is preferable to retain the signature in the body of the message because, in this way, it is not deleted when forwarding for training.

The current code in GIT is doing that.

It is the principle of vaccination, and allows a user having received spam not detected to inform all other users that this message is spam. Beyond the mere calculation of probability, the statistical algorithm used to define criteria needs to be taken into account when calculating spam probability.

Uash don’t know Fedora policies regarding what to include as dependency and what not. In the command line, create and empty database named dspam: To debug, check the following files on Debian:.


ALT Linux Sisyphus – Пакет dspam

Many options are yash, but for a quick overview, this configuration is functional. For example, the default configuration does not deliver spam to users, but place them in quarantine. Fighting spam is probably the most complex task of a postmaster.

The default and most straightforward backend to configure is the Hash Driver. You can safely ignore this. This is set with ‘PurgeSignatures’. The message history lists all inspected messages. The first user is infected, the others are vaccinated. DSPAM is essentially a statistical analysis composed of 3 sub-parts: But the spam we’ll talk about here is different, more electronic, but just as disgusting.

Comment 18 Bug Zapper However, this signature is quite handy for re-training messages, as we shall see later. As such, having a note in the dspam. Check the status of tokens again: