This is why just from empircal evidence I can almost for certain say it is a power issue, because the only difference is in the power it can try to draw when hooked up to the usb hub the bandwidth and heat stay the same. Once you uninstall the flash driver manually you can fallow my guide or just the official one with is basiclly the same to be sure you re doing everything OK. It’s strange that both the Mic and earpiece die while on the usb hub, although I have yet to test it on a brand new powered hub yet. I’m not happy with web credits and I’m going to press them to put the money back into my bank account. I reconnected it, started playing again, no problem

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I still think the power issue is bogus and that it was dx-isbcrhb one last thing for whatever reason that razer wanted me to test out.

Dynex DX-USBCRHB Manual

The Megalodon only uses mA. Yeah meow, your pretty much spot on. I would suggest flashing the firmware again and make sure you download the one specific to your OS 32 bit or 64bit. I’ll retry with unplug-replug. Razer asked for detailed system information and I sent everything over from multiple Dx-usbcrhv and computers. Haven’t heard from them at all yet and they release this firmware literally a day and a half after my email. We’ll see what Razer sends back.

Last Drivers  SONY NWZ-E344 DRIVER

Fixes audio break issue on bit systems. I still wouldn’t rule out that the Mic itself is the dx-usbcryb however it was manufactured, but if you turn everything down to almost zero and test it, you should hear yourself rather clearly with no static or distortion and it should sound good even if dx-uxbcrhb sound extremely low.

Dynex 4 Port Usb 2 0 Hub Dx Thub16 Best Buy

New to this forum was active in an other forum discussing this dynwx. It fails more often ds-usbcrhb loss of sound than without using a hub. However, I just noticed something else. Yea, I’m pretty peeved But if like me nothing else is plugged into the USB ports then this is not the case as mine still fails. The megalodon could have been checked with ammeters and voltmeters at low temperatures, where as temperature rises resistance goes up and therefore more power is needed.

And it still crashes after 30minutes. But then again, it only works for about five minutes then crashes completely. I have played with the settings for countless hours, trying many different sensitivities, and microphone levels through the razer controls AND the windows controls.

Thursday, August 27, 2: I trying the new pair on both Vista64 and Win7 Powered or not it’s working and I can’t find any documentation that the hub inside the monitor is powered.

Some people still have issues with audio cutting out but mainly its just our mics. I wonder if it’s possible to dx-usbcrjb my dtnex to the one that it originally shipped with.


They’ve recently announced estimated release dates for Win7 drivers. The other issues I have noticed when running windows 7, is that I periodically loose sound or the mic mutes itself. Last thing I could try is Friday, September 4, 2: Has anyone else tried this?? I was having static issues with my logitech usb headset and so I decided to try something new. The mic tends to mute itself when in the middle of playing games very inconveniant.

Well even if dyex do find the thing to be overheating it wont matter.

I also want to voice that I feel while the cable is a very nice quality that it feels to soft as if they should put a harder rubber insulation under the braid dx-usbcrjb help protect the wires. The Dynexx thing to know about the megalodon is that when using the middle Logo button to switch between adjustable speakers, remember that if everything isnt lit up, think of it as ratios. Monday, August 31, 5: Sure you may have found the problem but when razer comes out with a fix or replacment set the warranty will be void should u open the control box and start disasembling things.