We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. If it’s System 7, and the Farallon skyline wireless card, try here – the download link for Farallon Skyline PC card works for me:. Pelican features include: I know the card works fine with Debian Sarge so it isn’t a hardware problem. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. I’ve tried this driver PC Card Installer 2.

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This topic was discussed before: What do I need? SurfDoubler SurfDoubler is a software created by Vicomsoft that allows you to farsllon two computers to the Internet simultaneously, sharing a single Internet account and connection.

Skyline is based on the leading IEEE What do the power lights flashing mean?

Farallon Ships SkyLINE Wireless PC Card – TidBITS

Contact Documentation Meetings Resources Search. What kind of iPod do I have? From the AirPort Tome window. My Setup Installation and Configuration.

I will not go through all the possible setup configuration here, for configuration help see the Airport Base Station manual or see Apple’s Technical Information Library TIL for up-to-date information.


How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it?

uMac | University of Utah | Airport on Non-Airport Card Equipped Mac

If you try installing the Airport software using the installer program, you will get the following error:. How to identify what Hard Drive you have? Cameron Kaiser suggested changing the ID code with ResEdit, but I’ve not been able to figure out how to do that so far. From the “File” menu select the “Open Store by Solid Cactus.

I know the card works fine with Debian Sarge so it isn’t a hardware problem. Posted Wiefless 26, Sign In Sign Up. Pelican features include: Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Already have an account? Apple has released and update to the software i. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media.

Farallon SkyLINE Wireless PC Card (Farallon Communications) (5000404 00 01 V.799)

I want to run wireless on my Pismo laptop? SkyLine users can also create an ad hoc peer-to-peer network between two or more portable computers. Click on the “Configure” button, login and click on “Optimize Placement” button.


I’ve tried this driver PC Card Installer 2. Currently available third-party Wireless Networking Farallom include: The Farallon links don’t work. The PN in original packaging may be returned for refund to We Love Macs within 14 days of delivery.

It is based on the IEEE Needs to be installed into the Extensions folder. Join our mailinglist and be the first to hear all about our updates and special offers!

RARE Farallon SkyLine 11 Wireless PC Card Mac Windows CD-Scratch Free Disc #XD14

wwierless Needs to be installed into the Control Panels folder. But at this point, you basically setup for wireless networking at this point. What are the ‘Access Point’ Options?