Save the information by pressing Ctrl-Y. Page 15 Chapter 2: There are three different scenarios in creating this array. WarningUsing the Quick Initialization option on existing drives will resultin the loss of all data on those drives. Follow these steps before using the Rebuild Array menu option: We couldn’t find anything wrong.

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After installing the FastTrak S TX4 controller card and configuring thehard drives, power up the system and boot Windows.

If one of the mirrored drives suffers a mechanical failure for faattrak, spindle failure or does not respond, the remaining drive willcontinue to function. This method creates amirrored array and erases the first data block from your existing drives.

Promise FastTrak S150 Tx4 PCI SATA Controller Card

Tell us what’s missing. WarningDeleting an existing disk array could result in its data loss.

After installing the FastTrak S TX4 controller card and configuring thehard drives, power up the system and boot. Login or Sign Up.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Instead, the Xt4 Boundary feature permits theinstallation of a replacement drive that is slightly smaller within 1 gigabyte thanthe remaining working drive for example, an We were getting very very slow write speeds.


Page 7 Chapter 1: So to confirm this result we used Windows Explorer to copy a few files onto the new mirror. Can I take a drive used in a FastTrak S TX4 array and access it directlywith a different controller, such as the one integrated casttrak the motherboard? Choose Install the software automatically and press the Enter key.

Tell us about it. It will assign all available drives appropriate for the disk array you are creating. Promise Technology maintains ongoing product development relationships with leading ATA hard drive manufacturers and server and storage OEMs.

All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registeredtrademarks of their respective companies. Page 3 ContentsChapter 1: Start the system installation by booting from the Windows NT disk: For purposes of this manual, it is assumed you have already created anarray in the previous chapter and now wish to make a change to the array orview other options. You can create an array for: Page 15 Chapter 2: Page 31 Chapter 2: Installation on page 5. Copyright by Promise Technology, Inc.


Promise FastTrak S Tx4 PCI SATA Controller Card | eBay

This is not the same as deleting data from the drives themselves. Performance is better than a singledrive since the workload is balanced between the array members. From the Settings menu, choose Control Panel.

Help Contact Us Go to top. Page 61 Chapter 6: Page 33 Chapter 2: Here is something that other readers might find interesting.

Consult your hard drive documentation to set the fasttrka so that you canuse the full capacity of the drive. As surely the hardware couldn’t be this bad for a sequential write. Page 17 Chapter 2: Under Select Drive for Rebuild, highlight the replacement drive.