Message 21 of I m going to attach my new vi. But problem is each time I’ve to mention. So may be it will difficult you to open. We are getting reading from meter. Check what kind of answer you get from the device as asked before: Message 23 of

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Most Active Hardware Boards: Keithley xy graph. I know its difficult without labview 5.

So i want to finish my work with 5. I m facing increment problem only.

The process to achieve this is loop through this code, but changing the voltage range and hence reading back different data. Still now my code is correct only problem, commands how to give, its giving data for 1 volt but not the middle values, for that which command should I use, I tried all the necessary commands in my code. Are you using the VIs which I found here, at ni.

For increment this input voltage I tried all the way, But here in this both character term and integer term is there, so its not taking increment step.


It may be something as simple as changing a range. If uknow then solve it and send it to me Sir, I cant wait more for this.

Keithley 617

Check what kind of answer you get from the device as asked before: Make change and forward it to me. So its becoming very tough for me to check where the error is occuring,when i run the program it will show ‘derr’means d error near to triggering.

Labgiew helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. U just simplify my vi which i sent before, Only problem is i m not at all getting readings between -1 to 1v. But problem is each time I’ve to mention. Message 29 of Here I m attaching my code In which Input voltage block is there there we have to write labvuew for input voltage i.

Keithley ke Meter – IEEE (GPIB) Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

Unless someone who has the actual instrument sees this post and offers help, you will have to dig through the instrument manual. They are not decorations. After a long gap, kwithley m writing to you, coz i tried alll the ways to solve my problem,but all ways not at all working, so now i nee dyour help.


I just want to know how to give increment in my code. Once you determine how the instrument needs to be changed, you will have to determine how to set it up programatically. Please try labciew solve according to our need.

Keithley ke617 Meter

In your vi i m not seeing those, and one thing sir, i m using labview 5. I forgot the e X ecute command I would recommend to init the K with this settings: Message 9 of What are you actually measuring lagview the first frame and how is it different in the third frame?

Just try it sir, and reply me fast. For lsbview thread, I was searching related to my problems, I found that one, so there only I asked my question. For that we have created code. Here i m having instrument but not able to solve the problem. Message 8 of