However, certain precautions should be observed to further reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the computer. Remove all cables and peripherals that are connected to the computer. If the ExpressCard is not inserted all the way into the computer, the eject button may not cause it to pop out sufficiently to allows it to be grasped. Open the computer’s display panel. If no wireless communication device is installed, no dialog box will appear.

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After a password is set, you will be prompted to enter it when you start the computer. The instructions detailed in this section will help to ensure safe operation and maximum performance. Some models are equipped with a built-in modem.

If you need to transport the AC adaptor, you should disconnect it and let it cool before moving it. In addition, do not use the computer on an unstable surface such as a stand.

DVRLBK 24x Internal DVDCD Burner with LabelFlash SATA – Video Dailymotion

Otherwise, they may overheat. Display track details – up to of them Freeware Download Charging the batteries When the power in the battery pack becomes low, the Battery indicator will flash amber to indicate that only a few comploant of battery power remain. Markings appear on the These marks may have come from contact with LCD screen. You can lengthen the overall operating time by turning it off into Hibernation Mode.


If the Battery indicator starts to glow after this period, allow the battery to continue to charge for at least another twenty minutes before turning on the computer. A dialogue box will appear to allow you to set the password.

Never use a pencil for writing on a floppy diskette label as the dust from the pencil lead could cause a system malfunction if it found its way onto the computer’s components. Corel Label Once is started.

DVR221LBK 24x Internal DVDCD Burner with LabelFlash SATA

The methods used for attaching security cables differ from product to product. Battery indicator Compliiant the Battery indicator to determine the status of the battery pack the following indicator conditions should be noted: Press the ExpressCard gently to ensure a firm connection is made. In addition, is the computer making any unusual noises?

This section provides checklists for AC power and the battery.

If the computer has reached room temperature and it still does not start, or if it starts but shuts down quickly, contact your reseller, dealer or service provider. The adaptor converts AC power to DC power and reduces the voltage supplied to cimpliant computer.

Any other use beyond that stipulated above including conversion to digital format, alteration, transfer of copied material and distribution on a network without the permission of the copyright owner is a violation of copyright or author’s rights and is subject to civil damages or criminal action. System Recovery Options About 1.

The indicator panel also uses icons to identify the components it is providing information on. Please refer labelflahtm Chapter 6, Power and Power-up Modes for futher information. The hookflash timed break register recall function is subject to separate lableflashtm type approvals.


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When you have to turn off your computer aboard an aircraft or in places where electronic devices are regulated labelfpashtm controlled, always completely shut down the computer. Real Time Clock battery The Real Time Clock RTC battery provides copmliant for the internal real time clock and calendar function and also maintains the system configuration while the computer is turned off.

When the CPU temperature falls to a normal range, the fan is turned off and the CPU operation returns to standard speed. Touch Pad control buttons 6.

Toshiba SATELLITE LD-LS User Guide Manual Operating |

Microphone is the default input device. Chapter 5, The Keyboard, describes special keyboard functions including the keypad overlay and hot keys. Unplug the AC adaptor and remove the battery to make sure its connecting terminals are clean – if necessary wipe them with a soft dry cloth lightly dipped in alcohol. Eject button When a floppy diskette is fully seated in the drive, the eject button will pop out.

Hibernation Mode This feature lets you turn off the power to the computer without exiting from your software.