Controls the volume of the headphones. Pressing the already-selected PFL button will disable it. Once an effect has the focus, pressing the button again will toggle it on and off. Getting LEDs to work with old mappings pre Controls the headphone mix.

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Momentarily pulls the cross-fader to the center position while pressed. Wait until xponen Xponent is completely started up red progress LEDS on both decks are fully lit then release the keys.

This setting can be toggled by holding both shift buttons and pressing any PFL button. All the way to the right sends only the main output to the headphones 28 Headphone Volume Controls the volume of the headphones. This documentation should be considered preliminary and subject to change.

Holding shift while pressing a hotcue button clears that hotcue. The flashing behavior can be customized by setting the MaudioXponent.

Controls the volume of the master audio output. Please refer to the following diagram for control numbers. Flashes on each xponetn of the corresponding track.


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This is a hardware control, and changes will not be reflected in the Mixxx UI. If the buttons no longer pulse brightly and fade down when you press them, then the Xponent is in the correct mode for use with Mixxx. Releasing the brake before the track has stopped will resume playing, while holding it until the track has stopped completely will leave the track paused. When scratch mode is enabled, moving the wheel by touching the top surface will scratch, while moving the wheel by touching the outer ring will act as a normal jog-wheel.

The Gain kill Gwill momentarily silence the track entirely. A new mapping has been merged with Mixxx and will be included in Mixxx in the 2. Alters the behavior of certain controls. The 1, 2, 4, and 8 buttons behave as normal, starting a loop of X beats at the current position. When xpoent track is playing, the jog wheel speeds up or slows down the audjo.

m-audio_xponent [Mixxx Wiki]

Controls the volume of the booth audio output. The latest version can be found in this Forum Post. All the way to the right sends only the main output to the headphones. Affects the speed of the corresponding track. Controls the headphone mix.

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The left-hand side controls the samplers, with the knobs controlling the volume, and the buttons firing off the samples. The Mixco mapping included with Mixxx 2. The script was written with the Mixco mapping framework.

Pressing the already-selected PFL button will disable it. The four knobs and buttons below each jogwheel perform different functions. Connector 2 is the main out, and Connector 1 is the headphones.

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M-Audio discontinued its DJ products after the company was bought by inMusic in These will be mentioned in-line. This device has been discontinued.

The first three knobs will control the first three parameters for that effect. Translations of this page: