The player offers excellent sound quality, and the included earbuds are decent. It may well find its natural home with the hoodied wannabe gangstas of London’s faux-ghettos, but it deserves more. An anomaly that warrants a mention is the way that the volume switches between the headphones and the speakers. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The touchpad is not overly sensitive and the device responds quickly — even through the included headphones, sound quality was pretty damn good. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Excellent vintage MP3 player, v

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Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player

With a built in FM radio and alarm clock its easy to see the appeal of the K5 and while most people we showed loved the idea of the speaker most didn’t get why it was included until we mentioned these two elements.

In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist.

The best Black Friday deals of The volume you are on when using the headphones is carried over to the speakers when engaged.

Performance The YP-K5’s internal speakers actually sound plausible. Bottom Line With innovative samskng and a great design, the YP-K5 is a high quality audio player that will make your friends envious.

Samsung YP-K5 Review: – MP3 Players – MP3 & Portable Media Players – Good Gear Guide Australia

The K5 is on the large side for a flash player–it measures 3. There’s a rich mid-range, well-represented bass and a high end that stops yp-k5n short of shrill.


The last includes Samsung’s Media Studio 5, but it’s not necessary to use this to transfer music to the player. When the speaker is employed the yo-k5j orientation changes from portrait to landscape and the directional navigation touchpad follows suit. The YP-K5 has a black matte finish on the sides and rear and a glossy piano black finish on the face.

In the closed position, the K5 isn’t that remarkable looking–rather reminiscent of the Olympus M: However the alarm is easily the most useful secondary feature of the player. Easy to update Samsung device collection with your favorite music or data. When you don’t touch the controls for a while, this screen fades to a screensaver of your choosing analogue clock, various animation graphics, photos.

What’s even better is that the speakers actually sound OK–tinny and lacking in bass, but certainly passable, and smasung than any other built-ins we’ve heard. The music menu offers the usual choices of Artists, Albums, Playlists, and so on, and as you scroll through these options or any other list, for that mattera bouncing sphere indicates your position–cute!

It may well find its natural home with the hoodied wannabe gangstas of London’s faux-ghettos, but it deserves more. The K5 is compatible with various jukeboxes and services, including Windows Media Player 10 sxmsung is one of the system requirements for the playerRhapsody, and Napster.

If you twizzle the player on its side and push up the bottom edge, the built-in speaker slides out. The touch pad was not overly sensitive, and the device responded immediately to all commands. The music menu offers the usual choices of artists, albums, playlists and so on, and as you scroll through these options a bouncing sphere indicates your position.


Twisted-Pair construction to ensure high-speed, err The bottom edge py-k5j the player houses the headphone jack and a proprietary USB port.

Samsung YP-K5

Rated battery life for the player is 6 hours through the speakers or 30 hours through headphones. This mechanism seems quite flimsy in theory — there are two thin rails along which the lower section of the player rides. Headphone works other most kinds of music players or Excellent vintage MP3 player, v The K5’s smooth, black body feels good in the hand — it’s svelte and slick. In a gadget landscape polluted by boring nano rip-offs, the K5 surprises and delights.

You can even use the player as an alarm clock. Cons A little expensive, rather bulky. We’ve seen MP3 players with built-in speakers before, but none have shown this kind of ingenuity. The included headphones sounded reasonably good, though using a high-end set would definitely be beneficial. With IC circuit inside and LED light indicator for preventing overcharging and for short circuit protection.