Real solid to boot. Stick a fork in it and grab ’em cheap while supply lasts. It is almost as if TM is admitting that the base series drivers have very little to offer over the older series drivers, other than hype and glossier black paint. If that weren’t the case, then why would folks bother buying something new? Weir actually signed with TaylorMade in — and recorded his career-best best stroke average and recorded wins in the PGA Tour Championship. It has more snap and vibrancy than its siblings.

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It used to be 7 miles an hour with the Weights are 75 grams for the R, 70 grams for the R and sreies grams for the R You can’t go wrong by choosing one of the R models – but I’d also highly recommend visiting a professional club-fitter before purchasing, and so do the Taylor Made people. Comments on this article? Taylor Made tour r 7. Not unusual in a fast moving business, but I wouldn’t expect significant changes all the time. I’ve forgotten my password.

Be brutally honest, how much better is a over a ? Error Please enter an email address.

That spot’s right in the middle of the clubface, and when you hit it, you’re getting the full. To sum up, the new R series is the taylormadf in the continuum of superior Taylor Made technological advances in metal woods. Vincent wasn’t surprised to hear of my different impressions of the previous products, and he said golfers will see differing results from the new line, too.


With the possible exception of the R, they have a somewhat generic feel. It is no less than a homerun for TM very late in the lifecycle taulormade the series.

TaylorMade hit a homerun years ago with the release of their Series drivers. There’s also been a noticeable increase in roll, which will definitely help in drier conditions – and also on wetter days, because the ball had much less tendency to plug. When Brandel Chamblee entered a qualifier for the Senior British Open last summer it was his first competitive round of golf in a decade. The driver costs no more to produce than other TM drivers, with the excpetion of what they have to pay to Fuji for those fancy Speeders shafts.

It actually looks a lot like an R7 with a shallower face.

TaylorMade R Series Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 86 reviews –

The R is for taylorade players who like to work the ball and are not in need of much distance-wise help. Haven’t heard anything about the other models just yet. And after being the number one driver on the various professional tours for the past two years, the results speak for themselves.

And the respective performances were different too – I’d hit the higher and farther under most conditionsbut the model had less curvature in the ball flight, allowing for more control. Then in August the governing bodies recanted and left manufactures with the now non-conforming.


2002: TaylorMade makes a play with R500

For those of us who did, we’ll never forget the finely polished heads, the multicolored clubfaces and the ‘screws’ in the sweet spot, which helped coin the old saying, “putting the screws to it. These days, if kids are to discover what the saying really means, they’ll need to visit a golf museum – mainly because these newer ‘big head’ Titanium jobs bear little resemblance to the old wooden drivers.

This should translate into more consistent length from taylorkade tee. The r is now dead. The flight characteristics were noticeably different in the R, which is an improvement over my prior experiences. This indented alleyway creates two railroad-like edges that function as alignment devices.

The R uses the shortest and heaviest shaft.

TaylorMade makes a play with R | Golfweek

Consult the Taylor Made website for an expanded list of professional players using the products. It is mellow and restrained compared to the others. Posted 23 August – Posted 24 August – In other words, it’ll improve your off-center hits, which helps average and good players alike,” Vincent added.

He didn’t give anymore info than that.