Being used as an interface, means you have to keep it hooked to the computer, unlike the microcontrollers that contains memory to store the code. I was wondering if this converter does that or not. Data acquisition companion software for acquiring data and generating signals. We will send you an email once your answer has been posted. June 15, Author: I work at a small research lab and am responsible for coming up with innovative ways to perform SBIR funded research on a shoe string budget.

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Notify me of new comments via email. All of this car stuff is fairly slow, since the engine only turns 8, RPM which is pulses per minute or Is the FS-Plus an updated model?

Before 1st use but doesn’t hurt to run a calibration to ensure proper operation. Pin configuration and digital channels: This is done in the same manner as you would for one scan, except you do it “independently” for each scan.

Introduction to USB 1208LS interface

Is there anything else I can try before declaring the module is defective? We will send you an email once your question has been posted. Best Regards, Shane Job Title: Is there a newer version of the driver? We have a comparison table at the below link: I’ve tried using the counter input and TracerDAQ to measure frequency.


Then all you do is read the voltage drop across the resistor and done.

USBLS-XS2 from Measurement Computing

Try calibrating only 1 channel at usb-1280ls time, rather than all channels. The trigger can be configured for rising or falling edge, high or low level TTL signals.

Other than that, these units have performed great for our testing. This unit works great for our pressure data recording.

This problem occurs when I use a sine curve, a ttl pulse, triangle wave. Thank you for submitting your question.

Can I extend more? I’ve tested it extensively and it matches my Fluke and other meters to within x. A good example is installed with ULx, named: Also please provide part numbers of the connectors used on this board. Accuracy is calculated based on the range so each range has a different accuracy specification based on this criteria.

Measurement Computing Usbls USB Data Acquisition Device | eBay

Sr Strategic Sourcing Buyer Industry: The price of this thing is large compared to other microcontrollers, and there was no usb-1208lss way I was going to use it if it were no in the schools lab! We will send you an email when your review is posted. I have a few of them and have been pleased with their operation.


I have a question regarding the analogue output. In this post i will be talking about the interface used in this project that was used to connect the software with the hardware. OEM versions are available for embedded applications.

Measurement Computing Usb-1208ls USB Data Acquisition Device

June 15, Author: You can download the manual from our web site here: However, when I put a stable 5 kHz signal in, the determined frequency is on the order of 4 kHz. Load cell readings 38 months ago. I do not do any programming. If you start getting to big numbers, though, consider a different method for converting current to voltage.