SIS had to decide either to close the graphics department or let it exist independently. Both factors look sad as there are real applications where both factors may have a strong effect. These facts do not let us hope for an acceptable speed in real applications. Besides, in such configuration most data duplicate in both memory buffers, and each chips fulfills caching separately and less efficiently compared to one chip with the bit memory bus. Some of the many performance and visualization problems were blamed on underdeveloped drivers.

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Both factors look sad as there are real applications where both factors may have a strong effect. And it looks like that the changes in the software and hardware section were minimal. Test results 2D graphics Up to x 75Hz there are no complains about 2D quality.

This is a production series card from Club3D. The number of pipelines remains just a number if you can’t feed all of them in time. If an accelerator supports shaders 1.

The front heatsink cools both chips and 8 memory chips.

XGI Dual GPU Benchmarked – Volari Duo V8 Ultra

By the way, the coolers have pleasant lighting. As you can see the newer product is shorter than the older one: SIS had to decide either to close the graphics department or let it exist independently. The sky is made with pixel shaders 2.

Last Drivers  HP G4010 DRIVER

They are built on the 0. Chaintech brought out a lot of cards based on this processor, and it still tries to empty its overfilled stocks.

In case of small textures the Volari looks competitive, but as their size grows up the scores are getting volagi probably because of ineffective caching and memory operation. The computational resources of the texture units and shader pipelines are probably shared i.

VGA Legacy MKIII – XGI Volari Z7

Archived copy as title Articles containing Chinese-language text. Graphics hardware companies Electronics companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands. Pixel Filling At first we will measure the maximum pixel fillrate for a xggi number of textures to find out a real effective number and configuration of pixel pipelines.

They must make them work correctly, vilari downtime, think about caching, tile technologies of calculation optimization, create drivers and shader compilers which could optimally use all hardware capabilities.

The worst problem of all second-echelon manufacturers Trident, SIS, XGI is that they do not properly interact with game developers until games are released! But it doesn’t mean that all new products from XGI are developed from the very beginning. Views Read Edit View history. Earlier volati used fixed functions which are supported yet since DirectX 7 for estimating a fillrate.

Look at the collage above. Point Sprites Point Sprites vs. We will use a popular texture size of x and test it for 1,2 and folari textures per pixel: That is why the programmers from companies producing cards have to debug such products after such applications are released.


XGI Dual GPU Benchmarked – Volari Duo V8 Ultra

Volari is “beyond” any competition again. The bilinear filtering is almost “free of charge” for Volari like of any proper modern chipthe mip levels make caching more effective which is especially beneficial for a large number of textures.

Below you will see quality demonstrated by this card. If you want to try the synthetic tests of RightMark 3D voari measure performance of your own accelerators please download the latest version of our test available at D3D RightMark Beta 3.

That is why SIS’s products in shader applications fall far behind their competitors! In this case the company launched its product half a year after the company was founded. The design uses dark colors. Probably, the Volari’s HSR has more than one clipping level. This card falls behind its counterparts even at x, not to mention x though they are the most popular sizes in real applications!