Move everything ralink related out of my modules prior to install the new driver with something similar to the following. This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found here. This applies only to driver version 3. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: To understand the differences, see mac versus ieee stacks write-up.

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The pentesters in the aircrack-ng forums tend to be rigorous in vetting problems with the legacy rt73 wireless driver.

The excellent K2WRLZ drivers for Ralink wireless devices are an example, and recently they have ben made compatible with kernels 2. Basic injection with rt73 and BackTrack v2 for beginners.

Ralink RT2501USB/RT2571W (RT73) devices

Start by downloading the latest driver: Ralink have an RT driver here: Also your path may be slightly different from the one below.

But the errormessages ralink rt73 linux belongs the same: Additionally, different distributions and even releases within a distribution put the modules in different path locations. All installed an seams ok. In order for the module to properly autoload during start-up and not conflict with the standard rt2x00 drivers, there raljnk two system files that need editing.


This applies only to driver version 3. A mirror for the above driver can be found here and a home page mirror can be found here. If you linuc using Ubuntu Gutsy, Feisty or Edgy please follow this guide: As usage of the advanced kernels increases, legacy wireless drivers lose compatability, and require replacement. For the mac rt73usb version see the mac page. Thanks rg73 the work.

Download This installer from here.

WiFi/rt73 – Debian Wiki

And THAT said, if anyone has any insight, please feel free to enlighten me. Two new files should now be in your system: So you will have to edit the script to reflect the locations on your particular release and distribution. The upgrade process consists of obtaining the source code, then compiling and installing the new driver. If your system uses Linux kernel ralink rt73 linux.

rg73 Yet another option is to use scripts to switch back and forth between the ieee and mac drivers. See blacklisting mac driver version below.


To understand the differences, see mac versus ieee stacks write-up. SET failed on device rausb0.

Scripts to switch between ieee and mac Open up a shell and type: As such, you may need to edit the script for your particular circumstances.

This eliminates the need to blacklist modules.

Perhaps locate these same modules and move them out. Use find or located to determine the exact path to the modules. If your system uses Linux kernel 2. Here are the options:. Try lowering your card rate to 1MB: